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Gesneriad - Streptocarpus

Growing African Violets, other Gesneriads and Companion Plants


( December - February )


( Sept 2019 - May 2020)

Sept:  Let's Get Dirty / Soil Recipes

Oct:    Am I Red, White or Blue? 

           (What should a show plant look like)

Nov:   Open Forum - Trailers / Semi-   

               miniatures  /  Miniatures African


Dec:    Joint Potluck - Holiday Party

Jan:     Kinetic Design (Designs that move)

Feb:     Got bugs ???

             ( who ya going call -   bugbusters! )

Mar:     Propagating Gesneriads (Leaves,             

              cuttings, rhizomes and tubers, oh my! )

Apr:      Get Ready for the Summer heat!

May:     Joint Potluck and Violet Bingo

Don't forget to come to a summer program(s) (both groups) during June-July-August

Upcoming Arizona

Shows - Sales


March 2020, date TBD:

Tucson AVS:

Annual Show and Sales

Theme:  The Enchanted Garden





May 24 - 31, 2020:

African Violet Society of America

Annual Convention, Judged Show and Sale

Theme:  "Violets Go Hog Wild in Arkansas"

Little Rock, Arkansas 

June 30 - July 4, 2020:

The Gesneriad Society

Annual Convention, Judged Show and Sale

Theme:  "Gesneriad Treasures in the Sunshine State"

St. Petersburg, Florida



                October - November 2020

                Lone Star African Violet Council 

                Annual Show/Sales in Texas

                (Location TBD)

Next year's show theme will be voted on and selected at the potluck on May 11th: 


and the winner is Judy O's suggested show theme:



TAVS Show (62nd)

theme is:

"Enchanted Garden of Violets"

61st Annual Show

Fine Wines & Violets

Best is Show
"Jolly Andrea"
Judy S.
Best in Show (Runner Up)
"Optimara EverLove" -- Sheila W.
Best AVSA Collection - Three Registered Varieties
"Jolly John / Glory / Jan" -- Judy M.
Holtkamp Award
"Optimara Chico" --Sheila W.
Best Standard
"Optimara EverLove" -- Sheila W.
Best Miniature
"Rob's Jitterbug" -- Judy S.
Best Semi-miniature
"Jolly Andrea" -- Judy S.
Best Trailer
"Rob's Boolaroo" -- Kathy B.
Best Species
S. 5b clone confusa -- Judy M.
Best Vintage
"Ness' Chatty Kathy" -- Kathy B.
Best Classic
"Rob's Antique Rose" -- Judy M.
~ ~ ~
Best other Gesneriad
Episcia "Pink Panther" -- Meichele J.
Best Unusual Container - African Violet
"Optimara Picasso" -- Meichele J.
Best Interpretive Flower Arrangement
"Uncorked" -- Meichele J.
Best Container Garden
"Roll Out the Barrels" -- Meichele J.
Best Design
"Roll Out the Barrels" -- Meichele J.
Novice Best Plant
Episcia "My Precious" -- Joyce L.
Horticulture Sweepstakes
13 Blue Ribbons -- Judy S.
Runner-Up to Horticulture Sweepstakes
9 Blue Ribbons -- Sheila W.
Design Sweepstakes
4 Blue Ribbons -- Meichele J.
Runner-Up to Design Sweepstakes
1 Blue Ribbon - Lois R.​​​


New AZ Club

Announced in the AVSA Magazine (Jan-Feb 2019):

Yuma Orchid and African Violet Society

Yuma, AZ

Meetings are held the second Thursday of every month September thru May at 1:15 pm for social get together and 1:30 pm for educational topic and business meeting, at the Foothills Branch Library, 13226 E South Frontage Road.


For more information click on the button below

Intro to Gesneriads ( A to Z ): 

Alsobia - pronouced: "al SO be a"

The genus Alsobia  belongs to the New World Gesneriaceae. Episcia and Alsobia are closely related genera. At one point, the Alsobia group was considered to be part of the genus Episcia. The two genera share a generally stoloniferous habit, where rapidly growing stems are produced from the leaf axils, which at the tip are plantlets. These plantlets root readily and in nature can result in a large mat of plants, each of which may have originated from a single plant. However, the two genera are sufficiently different that most botanists have accepted their separation into separate genera.

There are at least four Alsobia species, as well as hybrids between species. Alsobia dianthiflora is a small-leaved, compact plant that produces large white, frilled flowers and numerous stolons.  A. punctata is a much larger and coarser species with similar large, frilled flowers which are white with purple spots. It is also stoloniferous.  A. chiapensis, originally distributed as A. sp. ‘Chiapas’, is a shrubbier plant and does not produce many stolons.  A recent collection from Belize distributed as Alsobia baroniae, originally distributed as A. sp. RM2010, is a robust, stoloniferous plant with un-frilled, fat flowers with variable purple markings on the face of the flower.

More commonly grown than any of the species is  A. ‘Cygnet’ and the similar A. ‘San Miguel’. Both are primary hybrids of A. dianthiflora and A. punctata and are intermediate between the parents in terms of leaf size and overall appearance. The flowers are heavily frilled and have the purple spots of the punctata parent.

Alsobia do not typically require as much warmth and humidity as Episcia and can do very well on an open shelf under lights, or on a windowsill. Both genera are primarily terrestrial in nature, where they function as ground covers in tropical rainforests.

Some Alsobia extend into the southern subtropics, where seasonally dry and cooler temperatures can prevail. They seem to perform best in a medium that is both reasonably well-drained and somewhat moisture-retentive. Many growers report good success using standard African Violet soil mixes.


(info from The Gesneriad Reference Web)

For more info on Gesneriads and to see more photos of Alsobia, go to the button and click on the link >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Up Next -- Chrysothemis


Streptocarpus:  Guidelines

watch this video of a timelapse growing African Violet leaf to blooming plant (from Youtube)

Do you have a plant that is sick or not doing well..then check out and click the button below for Dr. Optimara.....

Conventions -- 2020

African Violet Society of America

May 24 - 31, 2020

The Gesneriad Society Convention

(June 30 - July 4, 2020)

St. Petersburg, Florida



Map for


October 12th


Northwest Side




The Fountains>>>

5830 N. Fountains Ave.



Meeting Room

(Am I Red, White or Blue?)


2:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Eastside Location:
The Cascades
(3rd Floor Fitness Room)
201 N. Jessica Ave 
Northwest Location:
The Fountains 
(Basement Meeting Room)
5830 N. Fountains Ave 

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May 26- June 6, 2019